Sky Truck 2


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Sky Truck 2 ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ. Two photos not taken by the author are included as tributes: one of Vickers Viscount G-APIM, renamed Viscount Stephen Piercey, and a window view from a Lockheed Constellation showing its Wright Turbo-Compounds a turning. Foremost among them was Stephen Piercey, whose passion for these venerable birds took him to all corners of the world! Pierceys superb photos that were not included in the original volume and published this sequel in his honor (as the title bears his and only his name). Piercey, at age 27, died in an air crash photographing yet another skytruck. Sad to say, Mr. Most of his photos are in Latin American countries such as Bolivia and Colombia- however, examples as far afield as India, several Caribbean islands, and northern Canada are included.Stephen Pierceys photographs are breathtaking, portraying not only these venerable aircraft, but also cultures and life-styles in countries most Westerners know little about! The editors at Osprey have collected a group of Mr. Back in 1980s, large propeller-driven aircraft were either simply old beasts of burden, relegated to flying local cargo routes in remote locations, or piles of unwanted aluminum rotting away at some aircraft boneyard. Furthermore, many of these pictures are rare, as the aircraft depicted have since crashed or been scrapped, including a very rare shot of the worlds last Boeing Stratocruiser shortly before she, too, fell to the scrappers torch. Like the first volume, this beautiful book is a tribute to both Piercey and those wonderful old soldiers, a great addition to any aviation enthusiasts bookshelf. Fans with more than a little interest in these relics were part of an elite group. A C-121, however, was luckier. Like the first Sky Truck book, this beautiful volume is part of his legacy, a treat to todays fans of the wonderful old planes he loved so much.These spectacular pictures (though some are marred by their placement over the book centerfold) are accompanied by interesting and amusing captions that also try to reflect the humor for which Stephen Piercey is fondly remembered.Stephen Piercey, son of pilot and author Ray Piercey, documented propeller-driven aircraft at a time when most warbirds were sleek fighters, not lumbering transports with four thirsty and leaky radials. Interest in these larger aircraft is a comparatively recent phenomenon! The hulk shown in this book has been miraculously transformed into the shiny gem known as Columbine II.

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